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Discussion Questions for Bathsheba



1. King David saw Bathsheba bathing in her courtyard. What purifying bathing was she completing? ( read Lev. 15: 16-33)

2. Did Bathsheba willingly go to King David? Was she raped by the king?

3. Given the same situation, how do you think Abigail, King David's 3rd wife, would have responded to his invitation?

4. What is Bathsheba Syndrome? Do you know of anyone who has experienced this Syndrome ? How can we avoid this syndrome?

5. Why didn't King David deny impregnating Bathsheba ?

6. What was Bathsheba's sin?  Was the death of the baby boy the consequence of her sin, King David's or both?

7. In her younger days, Bathsheba was passive and quiet. She was much different in her middle and senior years. What events in her life caused the changes in her character?

8. In Matthew  1:6 Bathsheba is included in the lineage of Christ but, she is mentioned as the wife of Uriah. Why do you think that is mentioned?





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Fortified, Lay, Organization of Women, Enhancing, Religious Services

We will strive to enhance the roles of women in the church by allowing

ourselves to be used of God in more excellent service to all humanity.



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Women's Ministry Day March 10, 2018