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Discussion Questions for Zipporah

1.Zipporah was one of seven daughters of the Midianite priest, Jethro.What do you think Moses found attractive in Zipporah?

2.Exodus 2:16 states that Jethro was a descendant of Abraham. Explain

3.What were the names of the 2 sons of Zipporah and Moses and the meaning of their names?

4.Why did Moses need to remind himself that Midian was not his home?

5.How did Zipporah save  Moses' life in Genesis 4: 25-26 ?

6.What did Zipporah do that was unusual in the Israelites spiritual customs?

7.In Numbers12;1-3 Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses for having married  Zipporah a dark skinned woman. Have you ever been criticized / discriminated against because of your skin color? How can we avoid making the same mistakes in our everyday lives?





We are the F.L.O.W.E.R.S. 




Fortified, Lay, Organization of Women, Enhancing, Religious Services

We will strive to enhance the roles of women in the church by allowing

ourselves to be used of God in greater service to all mankind.



FOCUS ~ Service             COLORS Pink Burgundy


~ AIM ~

  Including All,

   Overlooking None



Lifting As We Climb

 South Atlantic Conference Women's Ministries


Women's Ministry Day March 10, 2018